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If someone was telling the story of your life, what kind of story would it be? Is it a comedy, a feel good romance? Or is it a tragedy, or a history full of dates and locations? There’s not a right or wrong answer. It’s just your life. Everyone has a story. What does yours say?

 Photo Source: by Krista Petty

Photo Source: by Krista Petty

Jesus told all kind of stories. We call them parables, stories told inside the story of his life. And the story of his life was told by so many different people. Each one sees him from a little bit of a different perspective. His followers, those who wanted him to be a political revolutionary, the religious leaders who feared him, the secret admirers, they all saw him through the lens of their lives.

Story is what we have to communicate truth and ideas, thoughts, emotions, and experiences from one to another. Each of us communicates hope, despair, encouragement, inspiration, warning, and so much with the story of our lives.

Paul tells the Corinthian church that they are his letters of recommendation, that people will read the story of their lives and see Christ in them. He said their story is not a story written down by hand, but written by the spirit of God on their hearts.

As people read the story of your life they should see the Kingdom, the Father, and the work he is doing in you. Be encouraged that your story is unique. Your story is worth reading. Your story is a story of redemption and hope, because God is in you.