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The Lord's Prayer - Teach us to pray

Photo Source: by Carrie Grant

As human beings we try to make sense and order out of a world that often makes no sense. We look for ways to explain the unexplainable, to understand the unknowable, and to control the uncontrollable. We may look to something above us and beyond us. We sacrifice, burn incense, spend time on our knees, and look to prophets and holy men to give us messages and revelations.

At its essence, prayer is simply communicating with God.

As Christians we all believe that God hears us when we pray, but we may not all agree on how he answers.

So how does God answer prayers? The question presupposes that you believe in God, that you pray, and that you expect some kind of an answer at least. Some people believe the very act of praying, changes you, even if you don’t expect an answer.

We want to be heard. But is prayer only a one-way communication? Don’t we want to know that there’s an answer out there?

Sometimes we look for the burning bush, like Moses. Sometimes we look for the sky to split open, for a dove to descend, for a voice from heaven, for clouds and lightning and thunder, or a blinding light knocking us to the ground.

But sometimes the way we hear from God, depends on how we’re listening.

When we’re expecting the thunder and the voice from the clouds, we miss the still small voice inside. And when we’re only listening for the small voice inside, we can miss the message in the thunder.

How do you think God answers your prayers? Are you open to having him answer in a way you don’t expect?