Love Songs of the Sea [poetry]

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The sea calls out, beckons, tempts those on the shore to come to it. Indeed the land itself is not immune to the allure of the sea. When writing this poem I tried to use sensual language to evoke an emotional response. These are the love songs of the sea.

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Advice on Crossing Rivers [poetry]

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There are dangers all around us, small things waiting to trip us and slip us up. To me this poem is about not being distracted, about noticing the little things that can make a difference, and it’s a reminder that we can’t look too far ahead. Originally printed in “America,” a national Catholic weekly magazine, this is Advice on Crossing Rivers.

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Angel Oak [poetry]

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On John’s Island, SC, just outside of Charleston there grows one of the oldest trees in America. Estimated to be over 1400 years old, it has survived fire, hurricanes, drought, and so far, civilization. Inspired by the angels before the throne of God, this is the Angel Oak.

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Morris Island [poetry]

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Just south of Charleston, SC there is an abandoned lighthouse where the island has eroded over time, leaving the lighthouse stranded out in the currents. It is both haunting and beautiful. It is the Morris Island lighthouse.

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