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a colorful umbrella against a gray sky

Sometimes we wait too long to start. Don’t wait. Just go!

Follow your dream. Cross that thing off the bucket list. Move toward that goal. Do that thing you kept putting off until all the details are worked out, until the plan is finalized, until that perfect moment, for the rain to stop, for the stars to align.

If we wait until everything is perfect and lined up, and we have all of the details worked out, we might never go. We might never accomplish that thing we keep saying we want to do.

I’m reminded of Abraham in the Bible to whom God said, I want you to pack up and go to a far country which I will show you. Abraham could have said, sure just give me a map and tell me where I’m going and exactly how to get there.

But God said, go and then I will show you. He didn’t give him a map and turn by turn instructions. He didn’t give him ten easy steps. He just said go, get moving, you’re going somewhere, and I’ll update you along the way.

If you’re like me you tend to think you have to have a plan. And when you fail to come up with the perfect plan, let alone actually implement it, you feel the weight of your own expectations.

But here is what I’m learning… If the forecast calls for rain, take an umbrella, but go!