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U2’s Bono sat down for an interview with Focus on The Family earlier this year. In it he talks about his personal faith, grace, his family, and the ONE campaign. At times through the music of U2, and certainly through his activism, Bono seems to express a personal faith in the things Jesus taught, perhaps in spite of his reluctance to brand himself with the name “Christian.”

As a Christian I believe we do all that we do in the name of Jesus, because we are ambassadors. We wear his name and we represent Him whatever we do, be it large or small, good or bad. When I look at someone like Bono who has helped more people in his life than I can ever hope to reach, I can’t help but to commend him for what he is doing to help the sick and the poor around the world. My only criticism would be that he’s not doing it while waving a flag that says, “Jesus.”

But do I have the right to criticize?

When I think about how I have done or have not done in the name of Jesus; when I think of Jesus saying, as you have done it unto the least of these; when I think about the thousands and thousands for whom Jesus died and who are being helped by Bono’s humanitarian efforts, who am I to judge?

So I pray for Bono and others like him who are going about doing good, whether they are waving the flag of Jesus or if they are like the Biblical Cornelius whose alms to the poor rose up as a memorial into heaven and got God’s attention.

And when I hear U2’s Bono’s interview with Focus on the Family, a Christian organization, where he openly discusses his biblical motivation, his need for grace and forgiveness, and his belief in Jesus as the Son of God, I’m encouraged and reminded to look for what I can do to change the world around me as an ambassador of Jesus.

Listen for yourself. Let me know what you think…

Bono interview with Jim Daly with Focus On The Family